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Rome CAFES: It's All About the Coffee
Rome coffee

Il Caffe di Sant’Eustachio
This place has it all: outside tables in a beautiful piazza in the heart of Rome’s historic center, an indoor café that retains something of its atmosphere from the 1930s when it first opened, and coffee so good you’ll want to buy a bag of their freshly roasted secret blend to try at home. They also produce coffee liquor and chocolate covered coffee beans.
Piazza di San’Eustachio, 82 tel 06.688 02048 (Navona-Pantheon)

Caffé Tazza D’Oro
The house blend here, Regina dei Caffé, is personified by a statue of a comely African woman. Not exactly politically correct, but the image captures the spirit of the post-war Rome, when the café opened. For decades, Tazzo D’Oro has arguably the best boutique coffee in Rome. You can have your cup at the enormous bar, or at outside tables around the corner in Via Pastini.
Via degli Orfani 84 (Pantheon)

Bar del Cappuccino
This tiny Roman coffee shop in busy Via Arenula has earned a reputation for its delicious brew, so expect a crowd at the bar. The fanciful designs they swirl on the cappuccino foam have become something of a legend.
Via Arenula, 50 tel. 06.699 06042 (Campo de' Fiori-Largo Argentina)

I Dolci di Checco er Carettiere
The Porcelli family have expanded their franchise along the block from the famous restaurant, Checco er Carettiere, to the adjacent Ceccho er Carrietiere osteria, and now to the coffee and pastry shop, where they market their home-made pastries and brew some of the best coffee in Rome. The cornetti are worth every calorie.
Via Benedetta, 7 tel. 06.581 1413 Closed Monday (Trastevere)

Frontoni dal 1921
The coffee selection here is displayed in a long glass case that fronts the bar. Buy a package to take home, but don't fail to sample a cup while you're in the shop. The pizza, particularly their Roman white piazza, is worth trying, as well. There's an upstairs dining room, open in the evenings.
Viale di Trastevere, 52 tel. 06.581 2436 Closed Sunday morning. (Trastevere)

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