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Franco Giuli. Opere dal 2008 al 2016

Dedicated to the most recent works by an exponent of the new abstract group of Italian artists who emerged in the 1970s. The exhibition, curated by Bruno Corà, examines the Giul's experimentation and use of various materials.
Museo Carlo Bilotti, Aranciera di Villa Borghese, Viale Fiorello La Guardia
Tuesday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm and Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 7 pm; through September 4


Capolavori della Scultura Buddista Giapponese

A selection of sculptural masterpieces representing the introduction of Buddhism and Buddhist culture to Japan through the Korean peninsula in the 6th and 7th centuries. From the 11th to the 12th centuries, Japanese artists continued to study the style of the Five Dynasties and the Song Dynasty, but transformed the Chinese traditions to reflect their own national tastes based on the Japanese sense of beauty, which values elegance above all. In addition to the Japanese Buddhist sculptures, the show will include the Buddhist metalwork that decorated temples and was used for religious ceremonies.
Scuderie del Quirinale, Via XXIV Maggio 16
Sunday - Friday, 12-8 pm and Friday, Saturday, 12-11 pm; July 29 through September

Salvino Camposa – Redemption

A selection of 31 black and white images by photographer Salvino Camposa, who seeks to capture an emotional and expressive awareness of people from various cultural and religious backgrounds, and diverse geographical locations.
Museo Nazionale Delle Arti E Delle Tradizioni, Piazza Guglielmo Marconi 8 (Eur)
Tuesday – Sunday, 8:30 am – 7:30 pm; through September 30



Di Vari Credi

The images presented in this exhibition are the result of ten years of research into the realities of women's monastic communities of various creeds, undertaken by Sebastiana Papa during his many travels around the world. The photographs are drawn almost entirely from his book, The Republics of Women: Female Monasticism in the World, 1967-1999, a volume of circa 350 images as well as quotations and texts.
Museo di Roma in Trastevere; Piazza Sant’Egidio 1/b (Trastevere)
Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 8 pm; through September 4

The Lasting. L’Intevallo e la Durata

Works by Italian and international artists of diverse generations along with selections from the permanent collection. Shown here: a masterful work by Giovanni Fattore.
Galleria Nazionale D’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
Viale Delle Belle Arti 131 (Parioli, north end of Villa Borghese)
Tuesday – Sunday, 8:30 am – 7:30 pm; through January 29, 2017


Capolavori dell’Antica porcellana cinese
A selection of 74 precious ceramics crafted in the ancient Chinese tradition offers an overview of the work produced in China from the Song and Yuan dynasties, 960-1368 (a period of heightened prosperity), to the Ming ceramics of Jingdezhen kilns, 1368-1644 (where ceramics were produced for the Imperial Court), to the most recent production during the Qing dynasty, 1644-1911, when imperial production peaked at its highest level of full maturity.
Palazzo Venezia Via Del Plebiscito 118 (Piazza Venezia)
Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm; through February 16, 2017

Oliver Roller - Immagine di potere
A site-specific exhibition of eighteen photographs show the contemporary portraiture style developed by French photographer. Integrating contemporary photography with classical art, Roller establishes a dialogue between the portraits, sculptures of gods and Roman emperors in the museum’s collection. Super-realism and unorthodox expressivity are the hallmarks of Roller poetic.
Oliver Roller. Many of Roller’s subjects are protagonists of politics, media and international finance.
Museo Nazionale Romano – Palazzo Altemps
Piazza Di Sant’Apollinare 8 (Piazza Navona)
Tuesday – Sunday, 9 am – 7:45 pm; through July 17


Tesori per l’aldilà La Tomba degli Ori di Vulci.
Dal sequestro al restauro

A superb collection of jewellery and other finery from a sixth century Etruscan tomb excavated in Vulci, which have have been restored to their original splendour. 
Museo Nazionale Etruscan Di Villa Giulia
Villa Poniatowski Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9
(at Via delle Belle Arti, Parioli)
Tuesday – Sunday, 8:30 am – 7 pm; through December 31

Capolavori da scoprire
This unusual museum in a former public works facility juxtaposes shiny modern equipment with ancient artefacts. The addition of three new acquisitions enrich the museum permanent collection. These include three mosaics depicting the rape of Proserpina and the funerary trousseau of Crepereia Tryphaena, a young girl deceased days prior to her wedding. Discovered in the excavations during the late 1800s, the finds included gold jewelry, precious stones and a doll made of ivory with inlay, believed to be have been crafted in Egypt in the 2nd century AD.
Centrale Montemartini, Via Ostiense 106
Tuesday– Sunday, 9 am – 7 pm; through January 8, 2017

Bansky - War, Capitalism & Liberty

An exhbition, unauthorized by the artist, presents a survey of one-hundred and 150 works by Banksy, the England-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director of unverified identity. All artworks in the show are loaned from private collections. Bansky’s satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. While he has taken shelter behind a concealed identity, he advocates a direct connection between the artist and his constituency. Bansky believes that this is the first time the essentially bourgeois world of art has belonged to the people, and adds, “we need to make it count.” This exhibition echoes themes and motifs that form the core concept of his artistic vision.
Fondazione Roma Museo –Palazzo Cipolla Via del Corso 320 Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30 am – 7pm;
through September 2

Domon Ken – Il Maestro del realismo Giapponese

A retrospective dedicated to the veteran photographer, and pioneer of Japanese realism, a pivotal figure in the history of modern Japanese photography. The exhibition is comprised of more than 150 images shot from the 1920s to the 1980s, documenting the path of social realism prior to and during WWII. Some images in the portfolio trace the tragedy of Hiroshima.
Museo Dell’Ara Pacis, Lungotevere in Augusta
(near Piazza del Popolo)
Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm; through September 18

Benvenuto Ferrazzi (1892-1969)

The first retrospective in Rome of paintings works by Benvenuto Ferrazzi , an artist little known outside the perimeters of the Roman School of which he was a key exponent during the first half of the 20th century.
Casino Dei Principi - Villa Torlonia Via Nomentana 70
Tuesday – Sunday, 9 am – 7 pm; September 25


Dialogo sulla Misericordia. Dal Seicento all’Ottocento

Ten paintings on loan from the Hermitage Museum in Moscow, underscore the concept of Mercy, which is the theme of this year's jubilee., Italian and Russian masterpieces from the seventeeenth century Euopean perspective through Italian painting in the nineteenth century when emphasis was placed on religious,mystical, historical and social themes.
Complesso Monumentale di San Salvatore in Lauro, Piazza Di San Salvatore in Lauro 15
(off via dei Coronari near Piazza Navona)
Tuesday – Sunday, 10:30 am – 1 pm and 4-7 pm; through September 25

Camille Henrot – Monday
Henrot’s work blurs the traditionally hierarchical categories of art history. She is best-known for her videos and animated films combining drawing, music and occasionally scratched or reworked cinematic images. Her recent work, in sculpture, drawing, photography and, film, considers the fascination with the "other" and "elsewhere" in terms of both geography and sexuality, reflected in popular modern myths that have inspired her, such as King Kong and Frankenstein. The artist's impure, hybrid objects cast doubt on Western history and highlight its borrowings and grey areas. Born in 1978, Camille Henrot lives and works in New York. Her work has been exhibited at the
Institute of Contemporary Art in London, Chisenhale Gallery in London, the Centre Pompidou, the Louvre, the Musée d’Art Moderne, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Schinkel Pavillon in Berlin, and the New Museum in New York. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship in Washington, DC, where she produced the video Grosse Fatigue awarded the Silver Lion at the 55th Venice Biennale.
Fondazione Memmo – Palazzo Ruspoli, Via Della Fontanella Di Borghese 56 ( near Lungotevere Augusta)
Wednesday – Monday, 12-7 pm; through November 6


Alphonse Mucha

The first major retrospective of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939) with more than 200 works including paintings, posters, drawings, decorative works, jewelry and furnishings, tracing the creative path of this most celebrated exponent of Art Nouveau. At the turn of the end of the nineteenth and onset of the twentieth centuries, Mucha was broadly known for his style of combining images of seductive women into compositions and using innovative typographical layouts to create original posters. He ushered in a new and affordable artform that flourished in Paris’ Belle Epoque. His style was soon to expand to a series of graphic works and decorative home furnishing that appealed to art lovers in Paris and other countries. In 1904, during a visit to the US, the media hailed Mucha as the greatest decorative artist in the world.
While his fame increased internationally, Mucha developed a strong desire to contribute to the independence of the Czech people. Mucha believed in the universality of art, and its inspiring power to communicate, calling for the creation of a spiritual union of the Slavic peoples and, ultimately, of the entire human race. The Mucha doctrine was love of territory and utopian ideals as manifested in his masterpiece, The Slav Epic (1911-28).
Complesso Del Vittoriano Via Di San Pietro in Carcere (Piazza Venezia)
Monday – Thursday, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm,
Friday - Saturday, 9:30 – 10 pm and Sunday, 9:30 – 8:30 pm; through September 11

Also at this museum:

Barbara. The Icon

The celebrated life of the Barbie doll that has expressed the aesthetic and cultural transformation of society since it entrance on the market more than half a century ago. Unlike other myths of modernity that were crushed by the passage of time, the Barbie doll has been privileged to resist the passing of years, its image, represented in over fifty nationalities, reinforces cultural identity and serves as a global i mirror.
through October 30

Fabio Ferrone Viola – Crush. Manifesto globale

Recycled plastic waste, bottle caps and crushed cans are the inspirational source for Fabio Ferrone Viola’s body of work which is the forerunner of a larger exhibition aimed at bringing greater public awareness to environmental distress.
through July 31





Roma Anni Trenta: -
La Galleria d’Arte Moderna e le Quadriennali l’Arte Nazione 1931 – 1939

A panorama of works representing the trends, and characteristics that defined Italian art during the 1930’s. Focus is placed on masterpieces as well as lesser known works of art of significant importance, seen publicly for the first time. The painting shown here is by Mario Sironi.
Galleria D’Arte Moderna di Roma Capitale, Via Francesco Crispi 24
(Piazza Barberini-Piazza di Spagna)
Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 6:30 pm; through October

I Macchiaioli. Le collezioni svelate
I Macchiaioli collectively represent one of the most important movements in 19th-century Italian painting, a group of painters who painted largely out-of-doors, skillfully capturing the quality of light, shade and color.. A selection of 100 works gathered from private collections. Highlights include works of  Cristiano Banti, Diego Martelli, Rinaldo Carnielo, Edoardo Bruno, Gustavo Sforni, Mario Galli, Enrico Checcucci, Camillo Giussani, Mario Borgiotti.
Chiostro Bramante,  Via della Arca della Pace
( near Piazza Navona)
 Monday - Friday, 10 am - 8 pm and Saturday - Sunday, 10 am - 9 pm;   through September 4

Antoine Jean-Baptiste Thomas e il popolo di Roma

Some 142 original drawings by French artist Antoine Jean-Baptiste depict 19th century Rome, the people, rituals and the daily life of the streets and piazzas..
Museo di Roma Piazza Pantaleo 10 (Piazza Navona)
Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 7 pm;  through September 11


Exhibitions – Palazzo delle Esposizione
Via Nazionale 194
Sunday – Thursday, 10 am – 8 pm and Friday, Saturday, 10 am – 10:30 pm


Gianni Berengo Gardin. Vera Fotografia.

The exhibition reviews the long career of Gianni Berengo Gardin (Santa Margherita Ligure 1930), the photographer who has managed to capture the Italian spirit and era better than any other over the past fifty years.  His life and work depict a straightforward portrayal of Ithe Italian social landscape.
Palazzo delle Esposizioni Via Nazionale 194
through August 28


Piazza Orazio Giustiniani 4 (Testaccio)
Tuesday-Saturday, 3-8 pm and Friday-Saturday, 11 am - 11 pm

Ugo Rondinone – Giorni d’oro + notti d’argento
Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone has devised an itinerary developed around two environmental installations conceived as cycles that transform the exhibition spaces into fantasy settings, encouraging the visitor to engage with the works.
At MACRO Testaccio, a number of works are gathered in a dazzling setting dominated by lights, colors and large animated installations. Forty-five clowns, postured as may poses represent activities of everyday life, while expressing the anguish of human solitude. The installation is enriched by hundreds of rainbows, designed by students from schools throughout Rome, who hae been involved directly with the artist in collaboration with the museum’s Education Department.
This exhibition travelled from the Museum Boijmans in Rotterdam and will continue to the the Bass Museum in Miami, and to Art Basel in December. Ugo Rondinone (Brunnen Switzerland, 1964 -) lives and works in New York. His work revolves around visions linked to fantasy and desire, but not devoid of shiny, playful and surreal aspects. In 2007 he represented Switzerland at la Biennale di Venezia and in 2013 he exhibited his public work Human Nature at the Rockefeller Center in New York. His last exhibition in Rome in 2001, was Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. His works are in the collections of MoMA New York, the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center Minneapolis, the Dallas Museum of Art and others.
MACRO Testaccio Piazza Orazio Giustiniani
Tuesday – Sunday, 10:30 am – 7:30 pm; through September 11 and at
Mercati Traiano – Via IV Novembre 94 Tuesday – Sunday, 9:30 am – 7:30 pm; through September 11

Yahon Chang – The Question of Beings
New works and works selected from international venues where the artist has recently shown, including the La Biennale di Venezia and the International Art Exhibition at MACRO. Chang’s recent works resonate with the historical site of La Pelanda, an ex-slaughter house. Also on display, three large-scale iron sculptures from the 2015 exhibition in Venice will be presented along with an “ink painting” installation. The project was conceived and curated by Paolo De Grandis and Claudio Crescentini.
through August 28

Tattoo Forever

The largest exhibition ever organized around the phenomenon of the tattoo and its influence as an artistic expression in modern times.
through July 24

Alessandro Valeri – Lasciami entrare
This installation in photography, painting, and design marks the final phase of a project begun in 2011 when the artist journeyed to the ancient Greek city of Sepphoris near Nazareth, today known as Tzippori. Valeri’s brings into focus the creative process of children from indistinguishable ethnicity and diverse cultural and religious practices who live in an orphanage within a Jewish moshav in a zone populated by Muslim Arabs and run by the Nuns of Santa Anna, assisted by Christian, Jewish and Muslim staff members
through July 24


MAXXI - Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo , Via Guido Reni 4A (Flaminio) 
Tuesday - Friday and Sunday 11 am - 7 pm, Saturday, 11 am - 10 pm

Shahzia Sikander: Ectasy as Sublime, Heart as Vector

Showing for the first time in Italy, Pakistani artist, Shahzia Sikander’s rich and complex oeuvre reflects his observation of the present through the lens of the imagination, symbols, literature and the history of diverse cultural traditions. A selection of 30 works in various media and idioms from drawing to miniatures referring to the Indo-Persian tradition and from video to digital animation. through October 23

Benvenuto! Sislej Xhafa
A visual journey showcasing the complexity of the modern world, encourages the observer to reflect both in personal and collective terms on social, economic and political phenomena in a global context. The exhibition comprises 30 works, spanning from the 1990s through to the present and a site-specific installation created expressly for this show.  through October 2

Extraordinary Visions. L’Italia ci Guarda
A selection of works from the portfolios of 40 masters of photography recounts the beauty, and contradictions of Italy, The150 images include blighted landscapes, ideally scaled cities, neglected suburbs, monumental architecture and marginal urban spaces. Celebrating the seventieth anniversary of the Italian Republic.  through October 2


SuperStudio 50
One of the most influential groups in the Italian radical architecture movement, SuperStudio was founded in 1966 by Adolfo Natalini and Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, who were later joined by Gian Piero Frassinelli, Roberto and Alessandro Magris, ,and Alessandro Poli. The group's style can be described as metaphysical, innovative and outré. This exhibition is largely deoted to videos along wiht a selection of drawings, photomontages and installations.   through September 4

Pier Luigi Nervi  - Architecture for Sport 

A selection of drawings, photographs, documents and models from more than 60 projects for sports facilities, many of them taken from the Nervi Archive in the museum's architectural collections. 
through October 2 

MAXXI Collection

An entire gallery space is devoted to the museum's permanent collection, with continuously evolving exhibitions- This first in the series features works by 20th century masters, young artists and designers in more than 30 works including paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, photographs and 21 architectural drawings, models, photographs and miscellaneous documents recounting the story of each project. Entrance to this sala is free to the public from Tuesday through Friday.



Museo D’Arte Contemoranea Roma, Via Via Nizza 138 at Via Cagliari (near Piazza Fiume)
Tuesday – Friday, 11 am – 7 pm; Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm and Sunday, 11 am – 7 pm tel 06 671 070400

Roma Pop City 60-67
A retrospective covering one of the most exciting chapters in contemporary art in the city of Rome, a period of intellectual and experimental stimuli engendered by the intense artistic and cultural activity of the artists collectively known as the Scuola di Piazza del Popolo: Franco Angeli, Nanni Balestrini, Titina Maselli, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Rotella and many others. The show comprises 100 works in painting, sculpture, photography, installation, film and documentary. MACRO - July 13 through November 27

Videocracy # 1: Bruce Nauman / Cheryl Donegan

An exhibition surveying three monumental video works by two iconic artists of the 20th century; Bruce Nauman and Cheryl Donegan. The survey focuses on Nauman’s "Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimater of a Square" (1967-68, 10’ 35” and Donegan’s "Head" (1993, 5’ 56”) and "Sets" (1997, 3’ 16”), making generational, genre, media – film styles and methodological comparisons between the works of the two artists.
through October 2

Segni, alfabeti, scritture.
Percorsi nell’arte contemporanea attrverso la collezione Macro

The exhibition explores the relationship that occured throughout most of 20th century between the visual arts and writing as depicted in art movements from the historical avant-gard to collages, Cubism, Futurism, Dadaism, the visual poetry of the 1970s, and conceptual art of the 1990s. A selection of non-figurative works from the museum’s permanent collection illustrates the way in which writing can be understood not only in gestural and calligraphic contexts, but also conceptually.
Works of the following artists are represented in the show: Gastone Novelli, Achille Perilli, Antonio Sanfilippo, Bice Lazzari, Carla Accardi, Pietro Consagra, Gianfranco Baruchello, Nicola De Maria, Domenico Bianchi, Vasco Bendini, Naoya Takahara,Maurizio Arcangeli, Claudio Adami, Luca Maria Patella, H. H. Lim, Claire Fontaine and Carla Accardi whose work is shown here.
through November 2

Appunti di una generazione #3:
Matteo Basilé – Pietra Santa / Gioacchino Pontrelll

The third edition of the museum’s studio project showcases works by two Italian artists who emerged in the the 1990s.. Matteo Basilé presents his new series of photographic works depicting marble quarries of Carrara and Gioacchino Pontrelli selection of works in which paintings of figurative and abstract forms are manipulated in a collage of signs and images.
through October 2

Dall’oggi al domain. 24 ore nell’arte contemporanea

A selection of more than 70 works comprised of painting, photography, video, journals, music, and digital creations by Italian and international artists who reflect on the language of cultural expression as an instruments of time that effect and characterize our daily lives. The work shown here is by Guido Paolini.
through October 2


William Kentridge – Triumps and Laments
A project begun last March covering the retaining wall along the Tiber River between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini is underscored by a series of initiatives that portray the monumental unfolding of the history of Rome. The exhibition features charcoal figures designed by the Kentridge depicting the iconography of ancient Roman art as well as incorporating images and stories derived from the history of the Catholic Church, including a poignant St. Teresa of Avila, and continue to invoke contemporary history represented by a moving installation dedicated to the murder of poet and filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini. In addition to a a selection of works presented at the Venice Biennale of 2015, the exhibition comprises a series of ink drawings and pastels, created especially for this occasion. A large paper frieze measuring over six meters in length reproduces the totality of the sequence of monumental figures realized for the bank of the Tiber project. The exhibition also includes cutouts of figures and objects, seen publicly for the first time. Subsequently, they will be used as standards by the performers for the musical and theatrical event designed by Kentridge in collaboration with Philip Miller, who will be present during the two-day inauguration. Also being shown is video documentation of the preparatory process filmed by the artist over the years, and fundamental to understanding the evolution of the entire project
through October 2


MACRO - Museo D’Arte Contemporanea Testaccio
Piazza della Giustiniani Tuesday – Thursday, 2-8 pm

Cristiano Pintaldi – Daòòa Materia alla Luce

The artist is known and appreciated for his personal technique of pixel decomposition, a process from which he recreates digital images on canvas. through October 1, 2016



Frank Gehry – Fish Lamps

One of the most celebrated architects living today, Gehry’s career spans six decades and three continents. Known for his imaginative designs and creative use of materials, he has forever altered the urban landscape with spectacular buildings that are conceived as dynamic structures rather than static vessels. Gehry has always experimented with sculpture and furniture in addition to his architectural pursuits, coaxing inventive forms out of unexpected materials, from Easy Edges (1969–73) and Experimental Edges (1979–82) — chairs and tables carved from blocks of industrial corrugated cardboard — to the Knoll furniture series (1989–92), fashioned from bentwood. The Fish Lamps evolved from a 1983 commission by the Formica Corporation to create objects from the then-new plastic laminate ColorCore. After accidentally shattering a piece of it while working, Gehry was inspired by the shards, which reminded him of fish scales.
Gagosian Gallery, Via Francesco Crespi (near Piazza Barberini)
Tuesday – Saturday, 10:30 am – 7 pm; July 18 through September 16

Midsummer Night's Dream

A group exhibition dedicated to Shakespearean themes of dreams, love and poetry recognizes four-hundred years since the playwright's death. More suggestive than actual, the works of these artists create a realistic atmosphere of intangible perceptions that touch and disturb our innermost thoughts.
Lorenzo Bruschini, painter and engraver, was born in Frascati in 1974. He attended the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, and graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Lucianella Cafagna was born in Rome in 1968, studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and apprenticed in the studio of Pierre Carron, a protégé of Balthus. Alessandro Sicioldr is an Italian painter and illustrator born in 1990 in Tarquinia. He learned the art of drawing and painting with special training for technical processes for the preparation of the pigments and media.
RVB Arts Via Delle Zoccolette 28 (near Piazza Farnese)
Tuesday – Saturday, 11am -1:30 pm and 4-7:30 pm; through July 30

Like a Bird, Not a Feather

New installations featuring work by Martin Creed, Giorgio Griffa, Richard Long, Anselm Kiefer, and Luigi Ontani.
Galleria Lorcan O’Neill vicolo Del Catinari 3 (near Campo de’ Fiori)
Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 7 pm; through July 20

Dario Coletti – Monte Etna

A selection of fourteen images in black and white by photographer Dario Coletti capture the the sublime beauty and mystic of Mount Etna’s planetary otherness.
Doozo Galleria Via Palermo 51 (Monti) Tuesday – Saturday, 11 am – 10 pm; through September 22


Rain Come Down! – Domesticated Environments – the Hungarian attitudes
A group show curated by Zsolt Petrányi featuring works by Zsófi Barabás, László Hatházi, Tibor Iski Kocsis, Hajnalka Tarr, Kata Tranker and Zsofia Szemzo focuses on the ways in which humans relate to their environments whether natural, political, historical, or urban landscape. The works of these artists reflect a shifting paradigm that is shaped by perspectives and developments rooted in the place of the artists’origins, which thus influences their work.
z2o Galleria Sara Zanin, Via della Vetrina (near Piazza Navona)
Tuesday – Saturday, 1-7 pm; through July 30


Bendini ultimo (2000-2013)

Less than a year after his death, an exhibition dedicated to Italian informalist painter Vasco Bendini (Bologna,1922 – 2015) features a selection of 40 paintings. Bendini is considered one of the most significant artists of the 20th century.
Accademia Nazionale Di San Luca – Palazzo Carpegna, Piazza dell’Accademia di San Luca 77 (Fontana di Trevi)
Monday-Saturday, 10 am - 7 pm through October 1

Finestre sull’anima

A group exhibition dedicated to introspection and to the state of mind that accompanies us throughout our daily lives. Artists present works that render visible our emotional state, often revealing our inner most secrets or, as Henry Ward Beecher once proclaimed, “every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures."
Coronari 111 Art Gallery, Via Del Coronari 111
Monday – Friday, 3-8 pm;  through July 28


Il Mondo Come Appare
Dedicated to Italian photography works of the last ten years and to current followers of the pattern begun by Luigi Ghirri who produced pioneering color photographs of landscape and architecture within the milieu of conceptual art during the 1970s. The show features works by Marcello Galvani, Paola de Pietri, Cesare Ballardini, and Guido Guidi
1/9 Unosunove Arte Contemporanea, Via degli Specchi 20 (Largo Argentina – Via Arenula)
Tuesday – Friday, 11 am – 7 pm and Saturday, 3-7 pm; through July 30


Brian Eno: Light Music
The English musician, composer, record producer, singer, writer, and visual artist best known for his pioneering work in ambient and electronic music as well as his influential contributions to rock, worldbeat, chance and generative music styles presents an audiovisual installation, centering around rectangular light boxes, which generate endless combinations of shadow, and colour. Eno is a self-described "non-musician," and has advocated a methodology of theory over practice throughout his career. He has helped to introduce a variety of unique recording techniques and conceptual approaches into contemporary music.
Valentina Bonomo ArteContemporanea
Via Del Portico D’Ottavia 13 (Ghetto)
Tuesday – Saturday, 3-7 pm; through Septmeber 30

Studio Systems
Mythologized as the locus of artistic creation, the studio has undergone a sea change in the past fifty years as artists have reconfigured and diversified the sites of their activity. Conceptual practice since Marcel Duchamp’s Readymades and Andy Warhol’s factory has generated new forms and sites of creative endeavor that often exceed the limits of the studio proper.
In looking at the works of past and recent AAR fellows, this exhibition aims to plumb some of the tensions governing contemporary studio practice issuing.
American Academy in Rome Via Angelo Masina 5 (Porta Prancrazio)
Thursday, Friday and Saturday 4-7 pm;

Tomaso De Luca – Ein reiner Morgen in Amerika
(A clear morning in America)
A body of recent sculpture  by emerging artist Tomaso De Luca.
MONITOR, Via Sforza Cesarini (Jewish Ghetto) Tuesday – Saturday, 1-7 pm;
through July 16

Marco Tirelli

Ten years since its inception, Fondazione Cerere celebrates its sixth exhibition cycle. Alongwith Ceccobelli, Dessì, Gallo, Nunzio, and Pizzi Cannella, Tirelli was an exponent and founder of the group of artists who formed the San Lorenzo School.
Fondazione Pasticifico Cerere, Via degli Ausoni 7
Monday – Friday, 3-7 pm and Saturday, 4-8 pm; through July 22



Natalie Frank / Rachel Mason – Face to Face
The first solo exhibition in Italy by Natalie Frank, with the participation of the multifaceted artist Rachel Mason. Face to Face is a confrontation between the persona and the subconscious, between the evil of the world and the malaise derived from repressed desires. Frank's paintings and drawings are stages onto which her visionary personages act out hidden fantasies. She defines her mostly female grotesque characters as “portraits of what makes us human”. Her pictorial technique maximizes the tension between the superficial and the profound, between the figurative and the abstract.
The same cruel, clownish world animates Rachel Mason's video of psychedelic folk music in which the artist, performer, singer, sculptress and video maker narrates surreal stories of romance and curiosities. Elaborating on current and historical events, Mason transforms these into intimate and subjective stories through a visual language with a powerful Gothic vein.
Natalie Frank (Austin, Texas -1980 lives and works in New York. She has shown in prestigious galleries and museum’s throughout the U.S. Rachel Mason (Los Amgeles, CA – 1978) lives and works in Los Angeles. She has shown in China and throughout the U.S. in prestigious galleries and museums.
Galleria Marie Laure Fleisch, Via Pallacorda 15 (Ghetto)
Monday – Friday, 2-8 pm and Saturday, 4-8 pm; through September 10


RvB Arts
A new concept in art acquisition, introducing buyers to rising new talent at affordable prices. The gallery shares space with a delightful antiques shop, the Antiquariato Valligiano, so the art is displayed in a relaxed, home-like setting.Works are offered in a variety of media — oils, sculpture, photography — priced at €200 - €5,000. It’s a treasure trove for first-time collectors, as well as seasoned art aficionados, decorators — anyone with an appetite for original artwork, and it’s a great place to discover new talent. Many of the artists whose work is on display have won prestigious awards, and all of the works offer good investment potential. The founder and director of the gallery, British-born Michele von Büren, graduated from Oxford University before coming to her beloved Italy, working first as a journalist before finding her niche in the art world.
Via delle Zoccolette 28
(off Via Arenula near Campo de’Fiori)
tel 335 1633518 www.rvbarts.com
Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am -1 pm and 4-7:30 pm

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